ATTN: High Level Professionals & Entrepreneurs
From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
Crack The Code On Reaching Peak Levels of Health, Professional Performance & Personal Satisfaction At 40+
A Holistic Life Optimization Program
For Busy Professionals Ready To
Experience Their “Second Wind” After 40
ATTN: High Level Professionals & Entrepreneurs
From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
Crack The Code On Reaching Peak Levels of Health, Professional Performance & Personal Satisfaction At 40+
A Holistic Life Optimization Program
For Busy Professionals Ready To
Experience Their “Second Wind” After 40
Decades of the go-go-go lifestyle is taking its toll...
Years of 70-hour work weeks, sporadic sleep patterns and travel has started taking its toll.

While the grind may have worked in your 30s...the “grind lifestyle” is no longer cutting it in your 50s.

These days, you wake up feeling tired and unmotivated.

Mental fog is a daily battle. 

And you may have even gained a few pounds...

...leaving you with just one question:
“Is the damage beyond repair?”
We are living proof that you can experience your “second wind” after 40. But working harder and chasing “more, more, more” is not the answer.
Instead, the next best chapter in your life starts when you become aware that you are unknowingly trapped in a pattern we call, the Loathing Cycle.
What is the Loathing Cycle?
You know that you are trapped in the Loathing Cycle when you are filled with dread most days of the week...with a peak on Sunday nights.  

When you look at the people you are most in touch with, you realize that you are surrounded by unhappy people. And your favorite pastime is indulging in lengthy sessions of complaints about your life, work and relationships. 
These days, you find it difficult to be around happy people who are genuinely enjoying their lives. Because it feels more comfortable to be around people who are facing the same issues as you are. 

Finally, Break Free From The Loathing Cycle And Start Living Your Best Life Now!
It took us years to crack the code on how to live your best life at 40+.
But it doesn’t have to take you nearly as long if you follow this simple FNS formula:
Fitness + Nutrition + Support
When you choose the right workout, all you need is 30 mins a day for maximum impact. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, consistency is what separates busy professionals who thrive after 40 (and those who don't).
Science proves that what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel. Eating nutrient-dense foods in the right portions can have a dramatic impact on your professional performance and personal satisfaction - within weeks (or even days).
High-performers have mentors. Even your favorite childhood heroes had mentors. Coaching delivers the accountability and personal support you need to stay on track towards your ultimate goal: to start living your best life right now.
When you begin to implement the FNS formula into your life, you achieve a new level of life balance that is free from stress and overwhelm.
You learn how to effortlessly juggle everything on your plate...all while thriving in your career, health and relationships.  

Change is possible, but it won’t happen overnight.

But you can get results faster than you thought possible by joining a personalized and holistic program that combines fitness, nutrition and support.
Now Open For Enrollment: From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
This is not another canned diet, quick fix or 30-day shred.
This is a holistic life optimization program tailored to the needs of busy yet committed professionals with little time to dedicate to their personal health.
When you enroll, you will get instant access to all of the tools, coaching, support and plans you need to start beating stress and upgrading your life - today.
The program is 100% online which means you can get access from wherever you are with an internet connection. Whether you are using your computer, smartphone or tablet.  

For most people, this is the first time they are getting a look underneath the hood to see the scientific reasons behind why they have been feeling low energy, foggy and fatigued - so they can fix it for good.
See Inside the From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
See What's Included:
Preview Sample Lesson:
Prep Week Day 1 - Define Your Why
  • Personalized Support & Coaching from Randy & Amy Nelson
    ($750 value)
  • Daily Video Lessons from your Coaches to help you implement our FNS formula so you can holistically upgrade your health and life at 40+.
    ($750 value)
  • 12-month All Access subscription to popular, proven fitness programs you can do from the comfort of your home. ($2,500 value)
  •       ○ Hundreds of proven workouts
          ○ Step-by-step program guides, program meal plans,                   workout calendars, expert advice, and more
  • Portion Control Focused Nutrition Plan & Recipes ($50 value)
  • 30 Day supply of an all-natural shake packed with superfoods that makes sure you consume at least 1 healthy meal a day. ($130 value)
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group where you can easily track your progress, get your daily dose of inspiration and connect with like-minded professionals on the same journey as you. ($500 value)  
Your Mission - Should You Choose To Accept It... to discover what life is like when you break free from the Loathing Cycle.
Our goal for you is to give you all of the tools, knowledge and know-how you need to succeed, so that you can permanently beat stress and live a joyful, relaxed and purpose-driven life.
We both know you are smart enough to figure this out on your own. But that could take years of testing, failing, iterating and repeat. 
You Have No More Time For “Trial And Error”
Look, your health works just like your 401k. If you don’t start early, your efforts don’t compound so you have to work hard to catch up. 
We have taken all of the guesswork out of the process for you and are giving you the fastest path to peak levels of performance and personal satisfaction after 40.
So now, you have two choices:
You can try to figure it out
on your own. 

Or, you can invest a small fee of $160 and get support from people who have been there, done that.
From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
 Get Started Today
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Try The Program RISK FREE

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Register today and receive these BONUSES:
30 Day Challenge Journal to track your progress during Bootcamp
“Bootcamp Basics” webinar series. 
This four part series, prepared by your coach Randy Nelson, PhD will reinforce the strategies and provide some of the science - or the “why” - of our Boot Camp. 
  •  {Webinar #1} Boot Camp Basics - Health
  •  {Webinar #2} Boot Camp Basics - Stress 
  •  {Webinar #3} Boot Camp Basics - Fitness 
  •  {Webinar #4} Boot Camp Basics - Nutrition 
The Busy Professional’s Guide...
 Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go 
You do NOT need to spend hours every day to be
successful in this program.
What you DO need is a strong desire to transform your life at 40+.

Now, the only question left is this…
Are you ready to step into your new life after 40?
Enroll in the From Stressed to Best Bootcamp today!
When you click the button above, you'll be redirected to our Beachbody store to purchase your Stressed to Best Bootcamp kit.
Here is what our clients are saying about the
From Stressed to Best Bootcamp
Before Boot Camp, I would get wrapped up in work, life, etc. like everyone else and it was easy for me to let my workouts or good nutrition be the things that got pushed to the side. This Boot Camp helped me to better identify and put into practice the techniques for improved work/life balance and zero-in on areas of improvement for aging well. Thank you for this great program!

Jacki R., Boot Camp Graduate
Before Boot Camp, I struggled with not having consistent high energy levels and motivation. As a result, I felt lazy and like I wasn’t utilizing all my time wisely. After Boot Camp, I now have more energy and motivation to not procrastinate and be more focused which gave me more time to myself in the long run. The support group helped provide motivation and accountability. The depth of the support system at all fitness levels was engaging. I want to do my workout because I feel much better even if I am having a bad day! Best thing I ever did for myself!

Wendy S., Boot Camp Graduate
Before Boot Camp, I struggled with eating healthy, low energy and a pale complexion. Boot Camp helped me stay focused and committed to my goals. I initially thought logging and posting workouts and shakes to an online app was strange and hokey, especially since I didn’t know these people! But, I actually enjoyed it. It made me stay focused and committed. The group also inspired me to work harder. There are some amazing members of the group who really push themselves above expected limits.

Darlene R., Boot Camp Graduate
Before ExecLevel Wellness Boot Camp I struggled getting my motivation back and eating correctly. I would get depressed and basically shut down and not do anything. But during Boot Camp, Coach Amy reached out and helped remind me to push play. She kept me in check when needed and helped me keep going. Now I focus on good food to eat to help me keep focused and motivated. I have less back pain due to exercising and strengthening my muscles that help support it.

Katie K., Bootcamp Graduate
When you click the button above, you'll be redirected to our Beachbody store to purchase your Stressed to Best Bootcamp kit.
See Our FAQs
Is this a good program for beginners?
Yes, our Bootcamp is designed for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced. There are 2 different workout programs to choose from based on the level you are at.
What kind of equipment do I need?
Light dumbbells or workout bands are all you need. If you do not already have these, we suggest that you do the first week of workouts without weights (the Programs have a non-weight “modifier”) and then start by purchasing only what is needed based on your starting point – a single set of light dumbbells or a few workout bands. 
How does From Stressed to Best Bootcamp work?
Our Bootcamp consists of three phases that work as follows:

Fitness: We have designed Bootcamp around the Beachbody Programs 21 Day Fix (for beginners) or 21 Day Fix Extreme (for intermediate – advanced levels). Both are complete Programs focusing on Fitness and Nutrition. Fitness involves 21 days of scheduled routines of 30 minutes in duration that you can do in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have Internet access...and most importantly on your schedule! 

Nutrition: The Nutrition plan has been developed by expert nutritionist and dieticians and centers on portion control of nutritionally balanced meals — real whole, unprocessed food is the focus! The plan requires minimal cooking skills and comes with nutrition guide/recipe book with dozens of easy to prepare meals. It also includes Shakeology, which is used as a daily meal replacement for weight loss or post-workout supplement. 

Support: In our private Facebook group, you’ll be surrounded by a team of people like you on their own wellness journey and your Coaches will be with you every step of the way. 
What is the expected outcome?
This is largely up to you. Before starting the Boot Camp, define a set of realistic goals and write them down. They should cover: 1) Body Shape/Composition/Weight, 2) Physical Conditioning, 3) Nutritional Habits, 4) Stress Reduction and 5) Establishing Healthy Routines. They can be anything that you want, and form the basis of a set of questions you can ask yourself at the end of Boot Camp (and measure objectively). Examples might be: 1) Do I look better (as measured using a measuring tape and/or how your old clothes fit), 2) Am I in better physical condition (as measured by e.g., resting heart rate), 3) Do I eat better (as measured by the way you shop/how you stock your pantry), 4) Do I feel better / less stressed / sleeping better and, 5) Am I more disciplined in my wellness practices (as measured by the frequency you worked out and/or you’re not letting distractions disrupt your routine). 
Why use Beachbody products?
The short answer is because we have used them and know that they work to reduce our stress, improve our energy, lose weight and feel better! They are proven, cost effective and road-worthy. The 21-Day Fix/Extreme Programs, which are at the heart of our Bootcamp, have thousands of success stories. Finally, the Programs are portable, available via on-line streaming. We have found this format the most convenient for busy professionals, whether working out at home, in a gym or on the road.
Is Shakeology that important to my results?
Short answer, yes! Think of Shakeology as your daily dose of dense nutrition – it is so much more than a protein shake. It is formulated with globally harvested ingredients that supply phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, fiber, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals. We recommend that you take it every day so the benefits can accumulate in your system. And remember, there is a bottom of the bag guarantee so drink it every day for our 30 day Bootcamp and see what it can do for you. It can help you:*
   - Lose weight
   - Reduce junk food cravings
   - Provide healthy energy
   - Support your digestion and regularity
What should I do to prepare for Boot Camp?
We spend the entire first week of Bootcamp helping you prepare for success! All you need to do is order your Beachbody on Demand & All Access Challenge Pack and look for your first e-mail from us to get started.
Are there any foods that are “off-limit”?
No! We don’t believe in deprivation “diets”. The meal plan is simple to follow and is a balanced 40% carbs / 30% fats / 30% protein. Chocolate and wine is even incorporated in the plan! You’ll be eating real food that allows you to live your life and still reach your health and fitness goals.
What should I do if I am traveling?
Keep in mind that you can stream the workouts on-line when traveling. There is even an iOS / Android app to download and run your workouts off-line if your wi-fi is spotty. Make sure you pack an elastic workout band, even if you are accustom to performing the routines with hard weights. Since you will likely not be cooking, order meals that are similar in composition and size to those you are eating from the Nutrition Plan. In all, view your “road” Boot Camp as a mini version of your “home” program, and pack only what is needed. 
Life interfered! I missed a week of Bootcamp, now what?
Jump right back in! We know life can be hectic and unpredictable. Our Bootcamp is designed to be completed in 30 days for the best results but if you need to take more time you can do it at your own pace. Our goal is for Bootcamp to kick-off your healthy lifestyle – there is no “messing up”!
How much space do I need for my workouts?
Not much. The workout routines can be performed in a space about the size of a queen bed. Most hotel rooms have this much floor space available, and you should be able to easily find it in your living space.

What do I do when it is over?
Do another round of Bootcamp, or move onto one of our Advanced Programs! We are here to help you build a healthy lifestyle!
Schedule a free Success Strategy Session to get all of your questions answered!
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