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in just 30 minutes / day!  NO GYM REQUIRED
FREE 7-day workout plan + 7 Day Meal plan for busy professionals wanting to burn off stress (and fat!) in 30 minutes or less *On-Demand workout videos + Coaching included*
When you join the Get Moving challenge...
not ONLY will you get immediate access to world-class On Demand workouts you can do at home but you'll also get 7-days of coaching to guide you along the way and a community of like minded people cheering you on!
Here’s what you will GET:
  • On Demand, 30 Minute Workouts You Can Do At Home (or anywhere): So that you can move on and conquer the rest of your day feeling energized.
  • Wide Variety of Workouts: So you stay motivated and don't get bored!
  • Personalized Coaching & Support: So you can stay accountable and accomplish your fitness goals.
  • 7 Day Meal Planner + Healthy Recipes so you can have quick, delicious healthy meals ready to go.
  • Exclusive App And Group: Connect with other like minded busy professionals (outside social media!) for fun, connection and inspiration
Amy & Randy Nelson, Founders of ELW
We’re the husband & wife team behind ELW (ExecLevel Wellness): The place where busy professionals go to find the fastest, most efficient way to live their best life yet.
It took overcoming physical challenges, lots of mistakes and many years to crack the code on beating stress to achieve a professional and personal revolution at 40+.

Now, we’re here to show you the methods on exactly how you can do the same. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) begins when you click the button below and join the Get Moving challenge. It might be the biggest game changer for your health yet!

Here's What Others Have to Say About 
ExecLevel Wellness

"With the mountain of so-called "wellness" products and services that are advertised and come through social media each day, it can be hard to separate and identify the good from the bad... the real from the fake. And it's rare to have direct access to those behind the products and the claims they make. Not so with ExecLevel Wellness. Amy and Randy work directly with each of their clients to identify the most appropriate fitness programs, supplements and nutrition program for each client's individual goals, lifestyle and ability. Before recommending a fitness program, they do it themselves. Most importantly, they are always available to their clients for guidance, support and motivation. I recommend ExecLevel Wellness without hesitation and am confident they can help anyone on their wellness journey."

~Jacki R.
"I have worked with Amy of ExecLevel Wellness for several years now. Amy and Randy are each on their own wellness journey and document this on social media. They bring the lessons they've learned to their business. Amy is a true coach: when we talk, it's clear that she is listening - her suggestions for programs or adjustments to my program are appropriate and relevant. ExecLevel Wellness is for those individuals who want to make changes to their wellness-related lifestyles. Amy and Randy will help you identify a program that will work for you and will customize the level of support that will guide you to success."

~ Sarah R.


  • Is it truly F R E E? YES! You'll be asked to set up a FREE Team Beachbody account making Amy Nelson, Co-Founder of ExecLevel Wellness your Coach but only basic information is required and NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS NEEDED.
  • Who is this Get Moving Challenge for? This Challenge is for our over 40, "type A", high level professional & entrepreneur clients who want to get a great workout in 30 minutes. The workouts are for Beginner to Intermediate fitness levels. However, if you're truly type A and at an Advanced level of fitness you can dial up the intensity to get a great workout too!
  • What Equipment Do I Need?  A set of dumbbells for the Strength workout is all you need. 
  • What if I don't have dumbbells? No worries! Instead of dumbbells you could use canned goods, water bottles, or gallon-size milk or similar liquid containers. Just make sure the caps are tightly sealed and you can grasp it tightly to stay safe. Note: Just as you would with gym equipment, use common sense and be careful not to hurt yourself or others. We want you to always stay safe!
  • Workout Descriptions:  (1)  Active Flex - Active stretching will increase your range of motion, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and leave you feeling more flexible and relaxed. (2) Strength - Grab your weights and start sculpting a leaner you in this strength-building workout that targets all the major muscle groups to give you total-body definition. (3) Core Function - You'll shape and define your abs through full-body functional movements that engage your core from every angle in this dynamic calorie-burning workout. (4) Cardio  This heart-pumping routine with intervals of cardio bursts can kick-start your metabolism, so you burn fat, shed pounds, and feel energized.
  • What can I accomplish in 7 days? It is truly amazing what you can accomplish in 7 days with 30 minute workouts and following the simple, real food eating plan: reduced stress, improved mood, better sleep, focus and energy just to name a few...oh, and you might lose a few pounds as well!
  • If I join the Get Moving Challenge, what happens next? You'll immediately receive an email from us with detailed instructions on how to set up your free account to access the workouts, a link to download the meal plan and a link to join our exclusive app where you can connect with other like-minded people, track your results and have fun!  Be sure to whitelist to receive our email.
  • More Questions? We're happy to answer! Just shoot us an email at 
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