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Restore Your Lost Energy Levels

Boost your mental and physical performance

Being successful and over 40 doesn't
mean you need to be constantly running on fumes
In your 20s and 30s, it was easier to push through the long days 
to meet countless demands on your time

Can you relate?

You haven't been performing at 100% for a long time now, and the following have suddenly become your new normal:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • ​Lack of concentration and focus
  • Late afternoon crashes

You know you should take care of yourself, but lifestyle demands are causing you to place your wellness on the back burner.

  • Working long hours
  • Constant work related travel
  • Eating lunch on the run, or working through your lunch entirely

Aging has become a serious problem!

As we age, our biochemical pathways change. They wear down over time causing lack of focus, low energy and irritability.

You know that relying on pick me ups like caffeine or sugar have stopped working and are actually doing you far more harm than good.
That’s where supplements can help. They fill in the gap in your diet and allow you to repair, maintain & “nourish” your body for optimal function.
Many people have realized the benefits of regular exercise and supplements, and turn to them to help overcome the challenges of getting older.

You have probably tried other supplements with mixed (to no) results. This is because your typical supplements are:
  • Incomplete formulations: They only have one or two 'buzz word' ingredients, not the complete profile of ingredients that work together to create long lasting effects. 
  • Constantly changing list of ingredients: Most companies will switch out ingredients after 1-2 years, in favor of cheaper fillers. 
These leave you feeling more tired than before.

You find yourself forgetting important things, reaching for your 3rd cup of coffee in the afternoon, or are being set off big time by things that really shouldn't bother you. 

By giving your body a way to increase your energy pathways and defend against foreign stressors, you CAN stay on top of your game and keep up with younger, tougher competition at work, in the gym or on the field. 
You will feel mentally sharper and more motivated so you can continue to perform at the highest level for the whole day.

Stoixeion 3.7™: 

Get the Edge You've Been Missing

Fight the effects of stress and aging and optimize your day with a research-backed supplement specifically designed for athletes and people over 40 who want to get the edge.
Stoixeion 3.7™ is a performance enhancement powerhouse - formulated to promote a youthful, peak-performing state known as Molecular Wellness™.
All of the ingredients inside Stoixeion 3.7™ are pure and have been expertly combined to deliver:
  • Increased focus and mental clarity so you can improve your productivity
  • ​Optimal physical performance over the long-term
  • ​A shield against stress and the damaging effects of aging

  • Improves your mood with mood-boosting ingredients
  • ​Optimizes your workouts, ensuring a faster recovery
  • Achieve lasting mental clarity so you can perform under stress, stay creative and deliver
Hi! We're Randy And Amy, the husband and wife team behind ExecLevel Wellness.
We have used Randy's PHD in Chemistry, and our experience as entrepreneurs and executives to overcome physical challenges and increase our energy as we age.

We finally cracked the code to a personal and professional revolution after 40.

Now, our mission is to open up, and give you a glimpse underneath the hood so you can do the same.

Stoixeion is a huge part of that success!
It has taken us two years to design and tweak this formula.
We have now created a nutritional powerhouse that helps busy professionals go through the day with more energy, mental clarity and focus.
We handpicked each ingredient so it balances and enhances your biochemistry, resulting in better energy production, endurance, and recovery

Imagine how great you would feel if you had...

Better workouts and muscle recovery. 
More stable energy throughout the day. Say goodbye to energy crashes and irritability! 
Balance of healthy proteins in your body. 'Unwell proteins' are linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Stoixeion works overtime to defend proteins against unwanted and hidden modifications that occur in everyday life - from travel and eating fast food, to lack of sleep and stress.

Optimally Designed
All ingredients have been synergistically combined to enhance performance at the molecular level and support Protein Health™.
All ingredients have been thoroughly researched in leading journals and reported in Pubmed.
Speedy Delivery
Order now and get it delivered to you quickly and affordably.
Made with pure ingredients so you know that every serving is clean and comes without any useless “filler”.
Here is what others have to say about
Stoixeion 3.7™
My current physical workouts are enhanced from both a mental and physical perspective. It prepares me for an increased level of physical effort, with less after workout fatigue. *

- Robert T.
The biggest benefit for me is the "amp" that comes prior to a workout. I would add that my A1C has dropped from 7.3 to 5.5 in the past 18 months and continues to lower which I'm sure is in part to using Stoixeion v3.7™. There is also a sense of clarity and an overall feeling of better health that comes when using Stoixeion v3.7™. *

- Ray C.
The three weeks I was using it I felt great I can't really put my finger on it but now that I've been out for a couple of weeks I am noticing fatigue and I caught a cold. *

- Eddie B.
My stamina during workouts is great and recovery is amazing. The hydration in my skin in unbelievable I use less lotion, I’m normally extremely dry, but with this my skin is very much improved. *

- Sarah M
Boost Mental & Physical Performance
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