ATTN: High Level Professionals & Entrepreneurs Over 40
Crack the Code on Being Energetic, Happy & Fit After 40 - without diets, ‘cardio shreds’ or pills


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ATTN: High Level Professionals & Entrepreneurs Over 40
Crack the Code on Being Energetic, Happy & Fit After 40 - without diets, ‘cardio shreds’ or pills

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Feeling Drained After 40?
At work and at home, people count on you to get things done.

You’re stuck in ‘GO’ mode from the moment you wake up, until you go to bed at night.

With no time to switch off, the pressure to perform is showing its cracks.

You haven’t been sleeping well… your energy hasn’t been the same… and stress has started impacting your relationships.
The Dangerous Myth About Stress After 40
“Just take a Xanax and you’ll feel better.” 
Xanax, Zoloft or Prozak only mask your symptoms.
They could never dream of fixing the root cause of your stress. Because stress destroys your health on a molecular level.
As our cells age, they lose their ability to ‘self-repair’.
With less and less ‘healthy’ cells, we can’t function at our best. Eventually, work performance suffers. And you have very little energy left for family and friends.
It’s not too late to turn things around, and regain the energy you had decades ago.
It all starts when you fight stress at the molecular level.
Like I did 90 days before my 40th birthday…
Confession Time: I Was Miserable and Angry All The Time Before Turning 40
On the outside, my life looked like the picture of success…
… I had a great husband, big salary, dream house, fancy cars. The whole 9 yards.

I was your typical type A perfectionist workaholic with multiple degrees under my belt, including an MBA and CPA.

I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and take on bigger, more lucrative opportunities. And it worked...

I was a successful VP of Finance spearheading major projects. Yet, deep down… I was miserable.

I still remember feeling dread on Sunday morning at the thought of going into work on Monday.

My poor husband took the brunt of it. Not only was my marriage suffering, but my family and friends gave up on getting together because I never had any time.

Somewhere along the way, stress no longer motivated me… it was
destroying me.
The signs of wear and tear were showing:
  • I couldn’t sleep without prescription medication
  • Chronic nausea and IBS-like symptoms were the norm
  • My patience was rapidly approaching zero
  • I was 15 lbs overweight
  • Hypertension was just around the corner
  • I suffered from severe scoliosis back pain and doctors only prescribed narcotics or surgery…no thank-you.
  • I relied way too much on happy hours to unwind
  • My addiction to sugar and carbs was out of control...
… until everything changed right before my 40th birthday with one question:
“Have you heard of the ‘hardest fitness program ever put on DVD”? 
My good friend and colleague waltzed into my office and couldn’t stop talking about this new at-home fitness program. 
I had never heard of it. But I was intrigued by the challenge, so I started the workouts. 

Besides, the 90-day program would end right before 40th birthday and I wanted to prove I could do hard things besides WORK at 40.

Every day for 90 days I did the hardest workout I had ever done. Ever. 60 – 90 minutes…at 4:30 in the morning (I wasn’t sleeping anyway!).

That program saved my life – and my marriage.
That small step helped me get through the day a happier, more energetic person.

I was a better leader at work, spouse, friend, daughter, sister. 

My back pain was slowly going away (WITHOUT narcotics). 

Soon enough, I started taking a superfood shake to help offset my poor diet. 

For the first time, my sugar cravings waned and my digestion issues slowly went away. 

All of these small changes “compounded” and radically transformed my body, relationships and life. 
Treat Your Health Like a 401K 
Just like your 401K, investing in your health early is critical if you want to harness its full potential.

Yet most high-level professionals don’t make health a priority until decades of wear and tear leave them feeling tapped out. Like I was.

Luckily the fitness program I started before my 40th birthday ignited many more changes that would turn everything around for me. I’m so grateful I figured it out in time.

The lifestyle changes I made give me the best chance of living a healthy, active life well into my 50, 60, 70s and beyond. Even WITH a severe condition like scoliosis.
None of it happened overnight. It took years of trial and error, building on small changes and throwing out what wasn’t working.
Eventually, people started noticing my changes and asked what I was doing (and how they could do it too!).

Helping people transform their health was such a fulfilling high that I could never get from my job!

And now, we want to help you to transform your health, so you can get your mojo back after 40.  

Over the last few years, we synthesized our best secrets into an 8-week ‘age reset’ system you can use to feel & look better after 40.
From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40
An 8-Week Age Reset System For High Level
Professionals & Entrepreneurs Over 40
This is strictly for committed professionals who want to look and feel their best after 40.

In 8 weeks, you’re going to build high-impact habits so you can be as happy & healthy as you always imagined at 40+.
If you would like to discover...
Why it’s NOT your fault your productivity has dropped off in recent years (HINT: Most programs completely overlook this) 
Top foods you THINK are healthy that are making you foggy, tired and low-energy
A Scientist’s #1 secret to get more done... without feeling ‘rushed’ 
Proven ways to avoid stress before it happens.
...then I HIGHLY recommend you join us inside From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40.
Here’s What Your 8-Week Journey Will Look Like...
Over 8 weeks, we’ll cover 7 modules that will help you eliminate stress in every part of your life.
Each module includes worksheets and action items so that you not only learn the strategies but you can IMPLEMENT them.
Module 1: The “Loathing” Cycle (and how to escape it)
Did you know that stress happens in predictable cycles?

Once you become aware of the stress cycle, you will know exactly how to relieve your stress, almost immediately.

In this module, you will discover where you are in the stress cycle - and exactly what to do to lower your stress fast.
Module 2: Wake Up Productive
Discover how our ‘time management matrix’ can help you regain more hours from your day.
Finally, you will have more time and energy to create, deliver and engage in high-productivity activities.

You will also learn how to identify your own blind spots, so you can eliminate distractions and spend more time doing what you love.
Module 3: Build An Optimal Fitness Routine 
We have all heard that exercise can help you reduce stress, yet not all exercise is created equal.
Inside this module, you will discover how to create an optimal fitness routine for you that delivers maximum payoff without tiring yourself out.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t stepped inside a gym in years, you will create a routine to match your fitness level and desired results.
Module 4: Eat For Your Best Health
Did you know the food you eat can lead to stress?

In this module, you will discover how to easily create simple and delicious meals that give you higher, sustained energy all day.

We’ll also provide you with healthier alternatives so you can still enjoy the same great taste you love - while limiting stress.
Module 5: The Healthy Sleeper
In this module, you will discover how to reset, repair and maintain your cells.  

You will also discover science-backed strategies to enhance alertness and improve your mood.

After this module, you will learn how to enjoy more time in your ‘genius zone’ where you are in full flow and doing your best work.
Module 6: How to Make Good Decisions Fast
As a busy professional, you are forced to make important decisions every day. 

From feeling anxiety over past decisions, to overthinking present decisions - few people understand how to reduce the stress levels that comes from making decisions.

In this module, you will gain a complete understanding of the chemical and environmental contributors to decision making - and how you can use it to your advantage to make great decisions, fast.
Module 7: Upgrade Your Quality of Life
You will discover the difference between Eastern and Western philosophies of health.

We’ll show you how to ‘connect the dots’ between both philosophies so you can improve your quality of life.

You will also learn how to integrate mind-body practices into your daily routine to guard against stress triggers.
Module 8: Putting It All Together
You will utilize the tools and practices we have used to make LIFESTYLE changes stick. 

Focusing on the strategies you have learned and choosing what makes the biggest difference for you, you will truly go from Stressed to Best™ / Better After 40! 
Here’s What You Get
Lifetime access to our 8 week “age-reset” system including 7 in-depth video modules, worksheets and actions for you to implement immediately
Enroll now and you will get immediate access to our exclusive course platform and "Welcome" module with getting started tips & bonuses. The 1st program module will be released on September 28th, 2020. Over the course of 8 weeks, a new module will be released each week. You not only learn WHAT to do but WHY and HOW to apply it.  Lifetime access means you will receive all future program updates and bonuses too!
($2,000 value)
Lifetime Access To Monthly Live Coaching Calls + Weekly Q&A sessions during the Program 
Meet us inside our private zoom video conference room and update us on your progress, plus get all of your questions answered. You will also get the opportunity to learn from other professionals on the same self discovery journey as you.
($1,800 value)
Lifetime Access to Exclusive Facebook Support Group
Connect and share experiences with like-minded executives who are there to support you on your path to peak productivity.
($500 value)
Molecular Wellness Series
Drill deeper into the fundamentals of stress, and relationships between stress and underlying biochemistries. In the series we overview potential negative outcomes of chronic stress and explore solutions based on a wealth of scientific literature. Topics are continually expanding, and include: Stress, Allostasis, Allostatic Load; Protein Health; Outdoors/Green Space; Heat Therapy; Physical Activity/Oxidative Stress; Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements
($1,000 value)
You'll also receive these Action Taker bonuses!
LIVE 60 minute Yoga Class via Zoom! Experience the amazing stress-relieving benefits of 26 hatha yoga asanas (postures) & 2 pranayama breathing exercises in a LIVE Zoom class. This is a beginners’ yoga class designed just for you, and highly recommended for anyone starting yoga or anyone who has a serious yoga practice. 

Everyone benefits. You will benefit! Even if you think yoga is too "woo-woo" for you we invite you to try it with an open mind. You'll be challenged. You'll be stretched. You'll feel amazing!! This class is LIVE and you will receive real-time feedback from a certified Yoga Professional.

 > Limited to the first 10 people to register. 
 > Currently scheduled for Saturday November 21, 2020 @ 10 am  EST (subject to change)
Three 1:1 Coaching sessions with your Coaches so that you can dive deeper into the topics that personally interest you, receive more strategies to overcome your personal obstacles and get even faster results!

Limited to the first 5 people to register.
Getting Started Right 1:1 Coaching Call (30 minutes)
Meet 1:1 with your Coaches to discuss your goals for the program and how to get the best results based on your goals.

Healthy Aging Report Series - How to Rock your 40s, 50, 60s and 70s
 New research has shown that anyone at any age can enjoy health and vitality. 
We’ll guide you through what to eat, how to workout and share exercises best for each decade of life. We’ll also guide you on emotional health & well-being as you age!
Supercharge Your Day with a Full Spectrum Supplement 
Randy Nelson, PhD, has done all the hard work - research, formulation and sourcing - to bring you the most comprehensive, premium quality full-spectrum supplement available. Stoixeion 3.7 is a performance enhancement powerhouse - formulated to promote a youthful, peak-performing state known as Molecular Wellness.
The formula is scientifically proven to help you reduce (and reverse) the effects of aging cells. Ideal for athletes, entrepreneurs and busy professionals who want more control over their health.
What to Do Next...
Click any button on this page and complete your enrollment to the program.

You’re getting access to this entire 8-week age reset for a small investment of $697.

Once you complete your enrollment, you will receive an email that explains everything you need to know.

This is your opportunity to reverse the damaging effects of stress, so you can start living out the best years of your life. Plus… your investment supports students in need. 
10% of Your Investment Supports
Future University Students
When you invest in your health through our work, you’re creating meaningful change for young students eager to attend University.
10% of your purchase automatically goes to a scholarship fund for Arizona State University benefiting business, entrepreneurship and science majors.
With your enrollment, not only are you improving your own life - you are improving the lives of countless students and supporting our future scientists, executives and entrepreneurs.
From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 Is What We Live Day In & Day Out
Unlike most programs, this isn’t full of “pop science” and fluff.  

The entire program has been developed by a “type A” husband and wife team who have been where you are, but have found a better, healthier and more powerful way to live their best life after 40.

We will show you how to break bad habits that have been destroying your health, and replace them with healthier ones so you can finally live the life you always wanted during the best years of your life.
Your Best Years Are Still To Come… Are You Ready?
Then, join us inside From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 and connect with a group of like-minded professionals in their 40s, 50s and 60s on the same mission as you are.
To recap, here’s what’s included:
  • 7 video modules that cover stress, fitness, quality of life, time, nutrition, decision making, sleep.
  • Worksheets & activities to help you integrate the practices, concepts and strategies into your daily life.
  • 1 week dedicated to implementing high impact strategies you can maintain for life.
  • Lifetime Monthly group coaching calls + Weekly Q&A during the program
  • Lifetime access to our private facebook group
  • Full Spectrum Supplement + Ebook
  • Molecular Wellness Series
From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40
3 monthly payments.
Lifetime access to the automated online program and all updates, future bonuses and webinars.
Lifetime access to the FB group
Lifetime access to
monthly group coaching 
One-time payment.
Lifetime access to the automated online program and all updates, future bonuses and webinars.
Lifetime access to the FB group
Lifetime access to
monthly group coaching 
Access to the automated
online program ONLY 
No Facebook group access
No group coaching
No access to the coach
Lifetime access to the automated online program and all updates, future bonuses and webinars.
Lifetime access to the FB group
Lifetime access to
monthly group coaching 
No 1:1 access to the coach
Everything included in the
group program PLUS:
Unlimited email support with your coaches during the 8 week program.
6 x 1:1 private calls with your coaches
Access to the automated online program ONLY 
No FB group
No group coaching 
No access to the coach
Lifetime access to the automated online program and all updates, future bonuses and webinars.
Lifetime access to the FB group
Lifetime access to monthly group coaching 
No 1:1 access to the coach
Everything included in the group program PLUS:
Lifetime access to the group coaching 
Unlimited e-mail support with your coaches during the Academy
6 x 1:1 private calls with your coaches

Try The Program RISK FREE

If at any point in your first 30 days of enrolling in From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 you decide that The Program isn’t for you, you can request a refund (less a $75 non-refundable administration fee that is allocated to your mailed out welcome package).  Click here to view our full refund policy.
What has your single greatest take away been from the From Stressed to Best ™ 
Better After 40 program?

"Wow, this is hard because there are several standouts. I keep coming back to one of the later modules and the quote that "people who say it can't be done are always being interrupted by those doing it". There really IS time to eat a healthy meal if we just decide to do it. I also come back to the matrix or a condensed version of it by mentally asking "is this really urgent?" and "is this really important?". I wish I'd had that in my corporate America days.

From Stressed To Best: Better After 40 is a comprehensive wellness program that provides tools to help me view my stressors objectively, better put "things" in perspective and more effectively manage everything on my plate without compromising my delivery & results.

You will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive and well -researched program that not only delivers results when the tools are applied, but also gives you direct access to ongoing support from its creators and other program participants. This is a total mind, body, spirit program that is not pie-in-the-sky, but is rooted in personal experience and is scientifically based."

~ Jacki R.

"I got so much from each part of the program that directly applies to my daily life, it was well worth the time invested. I gained awareness of the signs when I am starting into the stress spiral and tools to stop the process before it affects me for the rest of the day."

~ Monte C.

Still Have Some Questions?
See Our FAQs
Why is the From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 program different from other approaches?
We view health on more dimensions than what is typically addressed in canned programs. All of your biological systems are interconnected and stressing one system to its limit will often result in collateral damage to a different system. We help you achieve a global understanding of your “Molecular Wellbeing” so you can identify stressors at the root level, and ultimately, reduce their effects.
Q: But won’t Stressed to Best: Better After 40 take more time from my day?
Not if you use it correctly. Instead, the program helps you to gain an understanding of your root causes of stress so you can progressively eliminate them from your day. As a result, you will gain back more hours from your day to create and deliver.  
How much time is involved?
Plan to spend 3-4 hours each week over the course of 8 weeks. All of the material and coaching calls are delivered online, so you can learn, connect and share from wherever you are with an internet connection. 
How much Fitness is involved?
We recommend you perform at least five 30-minute moderate-level workouts per week.
Q: What if I already have a Fitness routine?
If you have already integrated fitness into your routine, you are on the right track. We will show you how to tweak or modify your routine so that it is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.
Q: What if I already don’t have a Fitness routine?
If you don’t already have a fitness routine, we will help you find one that is aligned with your lifestyle, goals and preferences.
What if I already eat well?
You may be surprised to learn that many of the foods you think are healthy may actually be contributing to your stress. We will help you optimize your diet so that you can defend against stress and improve your overall health. The molecular basis of stress is as much about what not to eat as it is what you eat. 
We all know that time constraints create stress. What’s the big deal?
Your molecules want you to do the same thing every day so that they feel the most comfortable. Yet busy professionals do not have the ability to do the exact same routine from one day to the next. We will help you establish anchor times throughout the day to let your biological systems synch and recoup.
Q: What is the hardest part of the From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 program?
The practices we use in the Program are actually fairly easy. What many people find difficult is learning how to be consistent over the coming weeks, months, and years. In fact, that’s why compliance with a canned program often fails: people jump into it for about a week, taper off in the second week, and return to previous habits in the third week. A month out from the beginning the program, they are back to where they began. In order to truly succeed and comply with a program, you must go beyond practice. Instead, you need to gain a full understanding of what is going on “underneath the hood” of your body. That’s why we created From Stressed to Best™: Better After 40 : so you can learn as much about what is happening as putting it into practice. This is also why you have lifetime access to the program, our exclusive Facebook group and live monthly group coaching calls so you can receive ongoing support and inspiration as you need it. 
What do you mean by science-backed?
Foremost, there is no individual, sanctioned science devoted exclusively to the study of all the aspects of stress. Instead, studies are generally performed under only one aspect – i.e., psychological, social, biological, chemical, medicinal, philosophical, etc. In short, the term stress will have a different meaning (and viewpoint) depending on whether it is discussed with a sociologist or a biochemist. We have distilled down this wealth of scientific research into practical information and actionable insights to help you reduce stress for good.
Crack the Code on Being Energetic, Happy & Fit After 40 - without diets, ‘cardio shreds’ or pills
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